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What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is a 15 digit GST Identification Number that is allotted to a dealer registered under GST. A certificate of registration including a unique GSTIN is issued to a taxpayer once he makes an application for registration. It helps to identify the registered dealer and is a mandatory requirement for collecting GST, paying GST, availing Input Tax Credit and filing GST Returns.

How to apply for GSTIN?

To obtain GSTIN, an application for registration under GST must be made by the taxpayer. The application can be made on the GST Portal with a list of prescribed documents. Once the application process is complete, the GST department issues a certificate of registration to the business which mentions the GST Identification Number i.e. GSTIN.

How to find GSTIN?

GSTIN is allotted on the basis of PAN and State of the taxpayer. On entering the PAN of the business and the State in which the business is registered, you can fetch the details of name of business entity, GSTIN of business, registered mobile number and registered email address.

Is PAN compulsory to obtain GSTIN?

Yes. PAN (Permanent Account Number) is mandatory to apply for GST Registration and obtain GSTIN. However, in case of non-resident taxable person PAN is not mandatory and registration can be granted on the basis of any other prescribed document. The 3rd to 12th digit of GSTIN represents PAN of the taxpayer. There can be more than one GSTIN on a single PAN if the assessee has branches in multiple states or separate business verticals within a single state.

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