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Enter Application Reference Number or ARN to track GST Registration Status.

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Quicko does not store ARN or any GST details of the applicant. ARN is directly submitted to the GST portal to fetch the current status of the application.

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How does this tool work?

Track GST Registration status tool is an online tool developed by Quicko to help user to track status of the GST registration application submitted on GST Portal. User needs to enter ARN(Application Reference Number) and Captcha code and tool will fetch the current status of the application from GST Portal. There can be 7 types of status : 1. Pending for processing 2. Pending for clarification 3. Clarification filed, pending for order. 4. Clarification not filed, pending for order. 5. Approved 6. Rejected 7. Withdrawn

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is ARN ?

ARN stands for Application Reference Number. It is a unique number assigned to every application filed on the GST portal. ARN helps in tracking the current status of the application.

What are the different types of ARN status ?

Here are the different types of ARN status: a. Pending for processing b. Pending for clarification c. Clarification filed, pending for order d. Clarification not filed, pending for order e. Approved f. Rejected g. Withdrawn

How many days does it take to receive GST registration?

It usually takes 10 days to receive GST registration once a complete application is submitted.

What are the documents required for GST registration?

The documents required for GST registration are as follows: 1. Photographs of the proprietor/directors/partners 2. PAN Card of proprietor/directors/partners 3. Proof of Business Address 4. Bank account details 5. Aadhaar Card of proprietor/directors/partners 6. Cancelled cheque 7. Incorporation Certificate (in case of a company)

What are the different types of GST Registration?

a. Regular Registration: This is the most common type of GST registration, which is mandatory for all businesses/ professions whose turnover exceeds the specified threshold limit. b. Composite Scheme Registration: Small traders and manufacturers, who have a turnover less than specified limit may opt for this type of registration. c. Casual Registration: This is for businesses that are seasonally operated in a state other than the registered location. d. Non Resident Registration: This is for foreign business who provide goods/ services in India. e. SEZ Registration: Businesses registered and operated from SEZ have to get this GST registration to avail tax benefits of the GST scheme.

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