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Are you a citizen of India?

Did you travel outside India during Financial Year?

Are you a Person of Indian Origin?

Are you in India for a job?

Were you in India for more than 182 days in the Financial Year?

Did you stay in India for more than 60 days last year AND more than 365 days in last 4 years?

Were you resident in India for any 2 out of the last 10 years?

Were you in India for more than 729 days during last 7 years?

You are a Non-Resident Indian (NRI)

You are an Ordinary Indian Resident

You are a Resident but Not Ordinarily Resident (RNOR)

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Rs. 499

Salary Plan

4.9 (4876)

Most suitable for Salaried individual having Form-16 from Employer. Also covers income from house/property & other sources.

Rs. 999

House/Property Plan

4.8 (2342)
ITR-2RentHome Loan

Most suitable for individuals/huf who own residential or commercial house/ property. Covers all Chapter-VI(A) deductions.

Rs. 1499

Capital Gains Plan

4.5 (478)
ITR-2Capital Gains

Most suitable for individuals/huf who have sold capital assets such as land, property or shares.

Rs. 2499

NRI Plan

4.8 (680)
ITR-2NRIForeign Income

Most suitable for Non Resident Individuals or Resident Individuals having foreign income. Covers benefits under DTAA.

Rs. 2499

Properitor/Professional Plan

4.7 (1768)
ITR-4Presumptive Tax

Most suitable for Properitors/Professionals eligible for Presumpive Tax scheme u/s 44AD & 44AE.

Rs. 4999

Business Plan

4.4 (168)
ITR-3P&LBalance Sheet

Most suitable for Properitors/Professionals maintaining Books of Accounts. Covers preparation of financial statements, P&L and Balance sheet.

Rs. 4999

Trader Plan

4.4 (168)

Most suitable for Traders having traded Futures & Option or Intraday. Covers preparation of financial statements, P&L and Balance sheet.


Why do I have to determine residential status before filing return?

Taxability of income depends on your residential status. For eg. if you are an NRI then only the income earned or accrued in India will be taxable for you (Not the foreign income). Whereas if you are a Resident India then your global income will be taxable in India.

I am an Indian Citizen. Does that make me Resident Indian?

No. You do not become Resident Indian by being an Indian Citizen. You have to fulfill the conditions of stay in India as prescribed by Income Tax Act, to become a resident in India.

How can NRI pay Tax on Income earned in India?

NRIs can pay tax online using the netbanking facility. It is not necessary to pay the tax from assessee’s own bank account. So an NRI can pay tax from a relative or friend’s bank account and then remit them the tax amount.

Do I have to file income tax return if I am an NRI?

If you are an NRI then you have to file Income Tax Return of your total income earned in India exceeds Rs. 2,50,000. If you want to claim TDS refund or wish to carry forward any loss then also you will have to file your IT Return.

Is TDS applicable to NRIs?

Yes. TDS is applicable on payments made to NRIs. Separate rates of TDS are prescribed by Income Tax Act for different types of payments made to NRIs.

Can NRI file Income Tax Return without PAN?

No. PAN is must if you want to file an income tax return. So NRI will have to apply for the PAN first. Once the PAN is obtained then only he will be able to file an income tax return.