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  1. If your refund was processed recently, it might take a few days to be credited in your bank account
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How does this tool work?

The Income Tax Refund status is an online tool developed by Quicko to help taxpayers check the status of their Income tax refund. User needs to select the Assessment year, enter their PAN and phone number. For verification, the taxpayer would need to enter the OTP sent to the mobile number and click on verify. The tool will show the current status of their Income Tax Refund.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In which mode does the taxpayer receives refund?

The Income Tax Department can issue refund via 2 modes: Electronically in the pre-validated bank account of the taxpayer or offline via Cheque.

How to claim Income Tax Refund?

The taxpayer has to file an Income Tax Return including details of taxes paid. Once the ITR is processed the refund will be credited to the taxpayer's account.

How is interest on refund calculated?

Interest on refund is calculated at 0.5% per month on the amount of refund. It is calculated from the first day of the assessment year till the date when refund is credited if the original ITR is filed u/s 139(1). In case of belated return u/s 139(4) then interest will be calculated from the date of filing the ITR till it is credited to the taxpayer's account.

How long does it take for the refund to be credited?

The ITD processes ITR in batches, so once your ITR is processed the eligible refund shall be credited in the nominated bank account within a week from the date of processing.

What to do if the status says Refund Failed?

If the status is 'Refund Failed' then the taxpayer can raise a refund re-issue request on the e-filing portal. If the mode of refund is: ECS- The taxpayer may give correct bank details and pre-validate it on the e-filing portal. Offline refund- Tax payer may give correct details about address.

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