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How does this tool work?

Verify PAN details is an online tool developed by Quicko to help taxpayers verify the validity of PAN which is a nationalized identity card that facilitates all financial transactions in India. In today's digital era, PAN verification not only guards against identity theft and fraud but is also essential for statutory compliance & financial transactions. For verification, the user would need to enter their PAN, Full name, & Date of Birth.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my PAN inactive?

Following are the common reasons due which your PAN may be inactive: - Non-filing of tax returns - Outdated Information - Pending Dues - Non-compliance with tax regulations - Detected irregularities or fraud

Can a person hold more than one PAN?

No, as per the Income Tax Act, one person cannot hold more than one PAN.

What does the status mean Details are not as per PAN?

The status "Details not as per PAN" means that the provided information does not match the records associated with the PAN database of ITD.

What if there is a mismatch between the name on the PAN and PAN database of ITD?

A mismatch between the name on the PAN and the PAN database of the Income Tax Department can lead to verification issues and may require correction to ensure accurate financial transactions.

How long does it take for a newly issued PAN to become active?

A newly issued PAN becomes active immediately upon issuance by the Income Tax Department.

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