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What is the Structure of GSTIN?

GSTIN of a registered dealer is a 15 digit unique number. The breakdown is as follows:


How to verify GSTIN?

If GST has been charged in an Invoice, you can find the GSTIN mentioned under supplier details in the invoice. On entering the GSTIN of the legal entity, you can fetch details of the Name of Business, Constitution of Business and Date of GST Registration. You can match these details with the supplier details mentioned in the Invoice.

Why should you verify GSTIN?

With the upcoming cases of fake GSTIN mentioned on invoices, it has become very important to verify the GST number.

To avail Input Tax Credit of GST paid on purchases, a correct GSTIN must be mentioned in the GST Return and thus it must be verified.

It is necessary to mention correct GSTIN in the GST Invoice and GST Return to avoid penalties from GST Department.

Is GSTIN different from GSTN?

Yes. GSTIN and GSTN are completely different terms.

GSTIN i.e. GST Identification Number is the 15 digit registration number issued to a taxpayer at the time of GST registration.

GSTN i.e. Goods and Services Tax Network is the organisation that provides the IT backbone for GST. It manages the working of GST Portal.