TDS Calculator

How to calculate TDS?

For individuals and businesses liable to deduct TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) on payments.


  • Deductee
  • Deductee's Residential Status
  • Deductee's PAN (if available)
  • Nature of Payment
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount


  • TDS Section applicable
  • Applicable Rate
  • Credit Amount
  • Due Date to Deposit
  • TDS Amount

Deductee Details

Payment Details

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TDS Section

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Applicable Rate


Credit Amount

Rs.[object Object]

Due Date to Deposit

TDS Amount


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What if the deductee does not have a PAN?

If deductee does not have a PAN then TDS will be deducted at higher of

  • Rate specified as per section
  • Normal rate applicable
  • At 20%

How to determine TDS amount?

TDS amount is determined by applying applicable rate to credit/payment amount as per section. Net Payment = Payment Amount - TDS

CIs there a penalty on late deposit?

Interest penaly on non-payment of TDS or late payment is 1.5 % per month on TDS amount. Interest is calculated from date of deduction to the date on which tax is actually deposited.

What is the due date to deposit TDS?

TDS is to be deposited by 7th of every month for payments made in previous month, 30th of April in case of payments made in March. For payment made on 15th January, TDS must be deposited by 7th February.

How much TDS to deduct on purchase of property?

TDS must be deducted on payment made to purchase property if.

  • Payment exceeds Rs. 50 Lacs
  • At 1% deduction rate
  • TDS must be deposited within 30 days

How to calculate TDS on salary?

Salary income is charged at slab rate and TDS is deducted by calculating average rate.

Average Rate of Tax on Salary


Total Tax * 100

Total Income

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